Courses are presently offered to corporate clients. If you are a community-based organization, please contact us if you would like a course for your group. 

Specialized Courses

This course offers participants practical skills training to address mental health and substance use concerns.

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Corporate and online courses

Our courses are one-day development course that are delivered in person or online. Contact us for program costs. Fully online courses will be coming in the future.  

Appraisals can be difficult conversations. Learn what is to be avoided and tips for effective appraisal planning. Lean to establish goals, competencies and performance requirements.

Effective communication skills can impact your personal life and your career. Learn strategies to clearly reach your intended audience or person.
Today, customer service is not solely the domain of CSRs. Many jobs today require customer centric skills that sometimes are not clearly understood. This course is excellent for all careers.

Strong emotional intelligence skills are needed for todays business and community engagements. Learn how to build good quality relationships and make  effective decisions.

We help communities and emerging business professional navigate customer complaints and difficult business relationships successfully. Learn how to make complaints work for you.

While each organization conduct their interview process differently, often based on needs, protocols and industry, There are some general principles to ensure success. This course explores successful interview strategies.
This course provides participants with an introduction modern leadership concepts. Participants learn to define and embrace good leadership philosophy. This course can lead certified leadership training with our training partner.
This exciting course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about how the mind works and how the principles of NLP can be used to make positive impact in their lives.
Learn approaches for to deal with personal or career challenges. This course can lead certified coaching with our internationally certified coach partner.
Effective business presentation can make or sink an idea presentation or a small business. Learn the skills to develop and deliver effective business presentations. Identify areas of improvement and develop confidence in yourself.
Master the necessary skills for generating leads. Learn and develop skills of effective selling. Learn how to set sales strategies that work and bridge the gap between interest and sales.
Stress management offers a range of strategies to help you better deal with stress and difficulty (adversity) in your life. Managing stress can help you lead a more balanced, healthier life.
Our course is intended to help any team leader, from a design and put together a winning team that achieves its goals. This course can lead certified leadership training with our training partner.
The goal of this course is to enable the participant to understand effective telephone communication for business. For many, a phone is the first point of contact and can be the success or failure of a business relationship.
designed for individuals who need to develop the training skills and confidence to teach adults in the workplace. This course is required for our own Advanced Learning Technologies training program.

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